What Is the Process After I Submit my Application?

What Happens after I submit an application?
Once the applications are submitted, SOFC members read over and deliberate all applications. SOFC approves, adjusts, and/or cuts individual events and applications based on each request's adherence to SOFC policy.

How are Funds Allocated?
The amount of funds requested by organizations is usually more than the amount of funds available. To ensure the fairest distribution of funds, the amount of money requested per event is divided by the number of Wellesley student attendees. This number is called the dollar per student ratio. The Student Bursar determines the maximum dollar per student ratio that can be funded with the money available in the deadline. Every event that has a lower dollar per student ratio is fully funded; events with a higher dollar per student ratio are funded to the maximum rate per student attendee.

How do I receive the funding results?
SOFC reads applications the Wednesday after the funding deadline. Bookkeepers will update the spreadsheet with application results live. These live results will only tell you if your application was accepted or denied and if there are any problems/clarifications that must be rectified. These Funding results will also be sent out by email by the Friday following the SOFC Decision Appeal Deadline. Once appeals have been read, the Bursar's Office and your org's bookkeeper will input the exact dollar amount allocated for each event applied for. Please check your spreadsheets!