Taking Screenshots

For your application, you will have to take many screenshots, specifically for the sections that you need 3 proofs of price.

What Should Be In My Screenshot?
Screenshots must contain either the logo or the url of the website the item is coming from and must be legible. Items in the application will be cut if the screenshots are not adequate.


Screenshot Examples

How to Take a Screenshot


Windows Computer

1) Press PrtScn along with the window logo key. On some windows computers, instead of pressing the windows key, one has to press the ALT button.
2) Open the pictures folder and click on the screenshots folder to access your saved photos.


1) Open the application and the window you want to screenshot.
2) Press command + shift + 4 at the same time.
3) Press the spacebar.
4) Click on the window that you want to screenshot and the screenshot will appear on your desktop.