Important Formulas

Almost everything on the SOFC Application needs 3 proofs of price. Some exceptions are replaced by formulas. When writing and reading SOFC applications, there are a couple of formulas to keep in mind:


Must be properly justified; proof of agreed honorarium fee (attached email correspondence, contract, invoice, etc.)

  • Honorariums are funded 60% or $500, whichever is larger.
  • Non-US citizens must pay a 30% tax on honorarium fees. Account for this in your funding request if your speaker hasn't already.
  • If you are bringing a speaker to campus, and deviating in some way from our normal SOFC policies (i.e. your speaker has requested a taxi to and from the airport), you need proof of this.


NOTE: Proof of research is needed for this even though formulas are provided.

  • Car: $0.54 x (# of miles to destination); use Google Maps
  • Airplane: (cost of plane ticket) x (# of tickets); only coach or economy
  • Airporter: $41 each way to and from taxi airport
  • T-Fare: $2.10 per ride; use Charlie Card
  • Bus: $1.60; use Charlie Card
  • Commuter Rail: $7

Please note: Trasnportation to MIT, Babson, and Olin College will not be funded if the exchange bus/van can be used.


You are allowed $25 for open meetings per semester if you request it. No justification is necessary for open meeting food.

For all other events, you must include the food formula:
$3/person x (# of people at event) to a maximum of $150

The following formula can only be applied for lecturers and has a max of 2 meals per speaker/day:
$15 x (# of speakers) x (# of meals)

If an organization wishes to exceed the funding cap listed above for a particular event, they must submit a Financial Appeal Form, Part D, at the same time as their funding application.

  1. They should note in their application that this appeal has been submitted.
  2. Their appeal should include convincing justification as to why the food cap should be exceeded in this case.
  3. It should also include proof of price and a specific dollar amount.

Crowd Control

This is required by Massachusetts State Law. Any space that does not have fixed seating with a capacity over 100 where music (live or recorded) will be played or where there is alcohol requires the presence of Crowd Control Officers.

The formula: 
$25/hour x (2 people) x (# of hours of event + 2 hours set-up/breakdown), capped at six hours

NOTE: You must include the location of the event.

Custodial Cost Formula:
$37 x (# hours of event + 2 hours set-up/breakdown), capped at six hours

NOTE: You must include the location of the event.

Service Costs

SOFC funds for 50 posters per event at a rate of $0.10 per poster at the Copy Center.


Copying/Publication Costs

Copying Formula:
$0.10 x (# of pages) x (# of copies); cap of $25 per deadline and does not apply to publicity

Printing for Publications:
Three proofs of price + Justification of quantity Printed

Proof of price needed; capped at 2 hours per week for 12 weeks per semester.

Salary for Coach/Teacher